Due to the Pandemic and recommended safety guidelines we have made temporary changes to our procedures. Customers are not allowed inside the facility. We will wear face masks and we request that non vaccinated customers do the same. Vaccinated customers have the option not to wear face masks. 

Reservation Procedure:

Reservations are still required for boarding and grooming services. Click here to request a reservation as a new customer

Click here to request a reservation as an existing customer

Send us your updated vaccine records. They can be E-mailed, faxed, or mailed to us. 

Drop-off procedure:

Have written food, medication, and special instructions written out if not already provided on the website reservation request.

Call from the parking lot and we will retrieve your pet and belongings from the vehicle. All dogs should have secure collars that they can’t slip out of or be in carriers. Cats should be in carriers.  

Pick-up procedure:

To speed up the check out process, have your cash or check payment ready. Call or E-mail the kennel ahead to obtain the projected charges.

Call us from the kennel parking lot and we will bring out your pet and his belongings to you.